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Erfahre, wofür wir stehen.

Leading the way in training people in Mental Acceleration for the AI revolution, we work with companies and individuals to change their sense of self-identification, and thus increase their creative, communicative, and business consciousness levels.

The World Economic Forum as well as leading organizations like google state clearly that the future skills needed are complex problem solving, creativity, innovation, agile and critical thinking, emotional intelligence and co-creating abilities. All of those skills can be improved and developed in Mental Acceleration.

As a Swiss NGO we operate on a global level through the training partners of our association, providing extensive consciousness awareness programs in agile thinking, to prepare people for a rapidly changing future where the nature of work will change beyond our current comprehension. Much of our training is proprietary, using systems drawn from extensive therapy experience and expertise gathered over seventeen years of research in the therapeutic field.

Our unique autonomous technological architecture, allows for us to scale our activities exponentially, providing a viable and futuristic alternative to conventional employment and business structures. Our training platform enables individuals and corporations to rapidly accelerate their creativity, consciousness, and communication skills, to either take their businesses to the next level or retrain to lead the way in what’s being called the Big Social Reset for the coming decade.

We are constantly evolving our psychological and sociological programs, and are geared to develop augmented and virtual reality training systems, to accelerate the mind for a future where technology will see us on the other side of the universe as an exploration partner with AI.

We don’t work within a doctrine of certainty, we simply wish to upgrade minds to be agile enough to cope with a world beyond our current understanding, whether that be the physical world or the Metaverse. To this end, we train in very specific aspects of mental acceleration within the holistic identity: Psychology, philosophy, theology, physiology, metaphysics, quantum physics and spirituality.

These subjects are addressed from within four consciousness training pillars:

  • Quantum psychology — psychoanalysis of one’s behaviour and the behaviour of others, as well as language patterns and identity formation.
    (Influences: Freud, Jung, Maslow, existentialism etc)
  • Conversational theoretical consciousness — exploring the existential; meaning purpose and destiny; creating a personal philosophical belief system.
    (Influences: Nichiren, Hill etc)
  • Non-combative argument — Socratic argument to unlock the limitless self identity from the limiting social identity within the transformational context.
    (Influences: Socrates, Plato etc)
  • Polymathic training — flow state to shift the mind from convergent thinking to hemispheric synchronisation; releasing the unconscious mind as the primary directional thinking mechanism, rather the unconscious autopilot.
    (Influences: Lipton, Dispenza.)

The primary subject here is human alchemy, the second birth of the spirit after the first birth of the mind and body. Society maintains its control through holding people within the first birth, where free thought and questioning are replaced with conformity and validation systems, that trap and erode the core identity over time. As I mentioned, it’s in the understanding itself — that the brains structure, frequency and bandwidth that can change, to reveal a far richer experience of life, where our focus lies.

To break a person out of the unconscious jail of the mind, requires a particular process of challenging the identity(ego), by the operator’s (trainer’s) use of these techniques within three stages of Change, Development & Masters. These stages can be accomplished by anyone whose PQ is surfacing with the right training; however at an intellectual level it’s the most engaging methodology to master, and then know there’s yet another realm to master beyond, at infinitum. If you would like to explore more, get in touch with us at info@councilforhumandevelopment.org.

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