A new non-profit NGO on the horizon of the personal development world challenges old paradigms

The Council for Human Development Swiss Association is a non-profit NGO registered as an association in Switzerland that challenges the old ways of the current global personal development scene.

What one usually sees is a single person catching people’s attention with very often a one-man show as Tony Robbins or Joe Dispenza do in their own field, with huge success on a global scale. Their followers love their individual energy and they invest considerable sums of money to be part of that group and to be close to their “guru” of choice. The level of investment necessary, e.g. in the case of Tony Robbins’ platinum group lies around 100.000 USD per year and offers mostly access to this particular community and certain events around it. The hype around it is about one person and the model as such is not replicable. Nevertheless, people flock in and happily invest to be part of that crowd. You could call that people-based personal development tight to a specific investment hurdle ensuring only a narrow target group to be part of this elite club.

One could ask the question whether personal development is something that should only be available to those who already find themselves in a wealthier position than most others?

Where does it start and where does it stop?

What is the price for training in consciousness?

What is the ambition? To differentiate yourself or to create a better life for everyone?

Is it what is in for me and how I can I get better, so I am more than others, or is it, how can I access my true potential thereby being able to support others in their own quest and then co-creating a better place and life for all?

Is it the “I” or is it the “US” mentality that governs the intention?

The Council for Human Development challenges this old model and clearly refrains from calling any of their trainers and partners a guru. Stefan, one of the trainers of the first hour explains why it is key to the concept that they are all equal and act as self-employed individuals within the community and co-creation movement of the Council: “In order to create a replicable and sustainable training model for potentially everybody on this planet, it is essential that our structure is open to everyone and provides the same opportunities independent of their wealth. This is why we run free workshops on a regular basis to raise awareness to the unknown universe of the mind, as we call it. Of course, there is a cost to what we do when it comes to becoming a partner on our team, as we as trainers invest our time and resources in trainees, but we offer different levels of training and yet we always move someone from A to B. How far and how deep they want to go, depends on them.”

You might say this is no different to other personal development programs as money is needed to receive training, but here is where the Council for Human Development sets the bar high:

Their current undertakings of launching a digital token, the consciousness coin© allows for international investment in human potential on a large scale available to everyone interested in exploring their potential through acceleration of the mind.

 All it takes is commitment to the cause. And this is the critical hurdle as Laura, one of the trainers and partner on the Council explains: “Everyone has the potential to change her or his world completely, but when it comes to working together with us it is the greater picture that is relevant to becoming a partner on our trainer team. Commitment comes from the heart and isn’t a strategic decision of the mind in order to make the best out of the available opportunity, it is unconditional in supporting the greater cause of wanting to co-create a better world together with others. The consciousness coin opens a new form of trading in consciousness through the activation of human potential through training them to become a trainer. Thereby overall frequency is elevated, so something good is done as someone gets closer to their innate potential and the miracles yet to come through applying it throughout their life, and mutually an investor gets a sustainable return from the training activity the sponsored trainee undertakes.”

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As a non-profit NGO all revenues directly go back to the trainers for their activity in training and mentoring. The Council for Human Development aims to offer training to everyone who aspires to discover their potential and to accelerate their mind independent of their education and wealth.

They are currently looking for investors and philanthropists to support their cause for a greater good, increasing wealth and a sustainable return from a universal, highly potent and lasting asset: human potential.

To all those who feel their call, The Council for Human Development is now opening conversations to discuss your benefit and opportunity from investing and collaborating with them on a large scale. Here is your link to get in touch: contact@councilforhumandevelopment.org .

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