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The Future of work - September 2022 report

Through our research to find the visionary minds of the future, we talk to people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to assess the levels of awareness prevailing in society on a mo...

The Future of work - June 2022 report

In this month’s report, we look at the changes in the workplace seen from individuals with a thirty year age difference, from Geneva, to Germany to London.

Press release - CHD

Over the last two years we’ve conducted ever deeper research into the human mind and the social challenges we face in the 2020’s. We’ve worked with countless numbers of people and spoken with many ...

Are you prepared? The time window to upskill is NOW!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts 75 million jobs to be lost until 2022 due to AI and increasing automation and proclaims a new skillset necessary by 2022. Companies are letting go thousands...

The new billion-dollar opportunity rising in the social entrepreneur market addressing mass redundancy

In a time when nothing remains stable and thousands lose their job, a shift on multiple levels requires a new approach to the job market that goes beyond standard CV training and calls for a holist...

Award-winning Council for Human Development creating a new opportunity in consciousness

The Council for Human Development has seized the opportunity necessary to unite the splintered world of personal development and consciousness by aligning its components into one holistic approach ...

Council for Human Development wins international award

In August 2020 the Swiss NGO Council for Human Development was awarded “Best Global Poverty & Inequality Initiative 2020” by Greater London Enterprise Awards and SME News.

A new non-profit NGO on the horizon of the personal development world challenges old paradigms

The Council for Human Development Swiss Association is a non-profit NGO registered as an association in Switzerland that challenges the old ways of the current global personal development scene.

New Online Events

Our events range from free workshops to certification courses and individual calls to explore what you want and how we can support your journey through our trainings.

Why the view of you will make the difference for us all

Whatever we think, it’s simply not enough for the future, but we can always try to be more. However, the future means ‘trying’ is simply not enough either — it requires us to make certainty of our ...

Say Goodbye to the Knowledge Economy. Welcome the Economy of Creativity.

"Change is the only constant in life" - The COVID-19 pandemic is a world changing event. Easy words to say, and easy currency for writers like me but set-in context next to other seismic events it ...

Robot Process Automation meets AI equals…The End of Work?

Robotic Process Automation sounds like something which you would expect to happen in a food factory or a car plant. A concept brought to life using a mechanical arm, compressed air and conveyer be...

Council for Human Development - Preparing your people for a decade of change in the workplace

Will the world of work return to normal post-crisis - a question many leaders ask. Leading the way in training people for the AI revolution, we work with companies and individuals to change their s...

The Search for the Hero inside your Jacket

We all have jackets we wear. We cover them in the music we like, the jobs we do, the sports we watch, and the opinions we have. We plaster them on social media and use our jackets to build our pe...

Can you solve A six-thousand-year-old mystery?

The problem is an ancient one, and one the likes of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant to name but a few philosophers had a view on, as well remained unsolved for any alchemist looking to ...

Support Our Cause

We all live different lives and yet so many of us are on the same quest and aspire to explore their own potential, help others do it or support our movement as such to accelerate the global positiv...

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