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Over the last two years we’ve conducted ever deeper research into the human mind and the social challenges we face in the 2020’s. We’ve worked with countless numbers of people and spoken with many corporations to determine the biggest challenges facing individuals and institutions within the fourth (tech) and fifth (human consciousness) industrial revolutions. 


We now find ourselves as an association at the forefront of the global consciousness movement, leading the way with structures and training mechanisms that are the most advanced in the world, and advancing further every day. We note that so many people in the coaching, consultancy and training industries, are extremely limited in their professional development and out-look, to a point of almost the blind leading the blind. 

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The levels of professional expertise required are falling far behind what is needed by a rapidly changing world. Human mental development in terms of innovation, critical thought, creative problem solving, agile thinking, flow state and hemispheric synchronisation are the essential areas of development — as whole industries, careers and jobs go with automation. No longer are the coaching initiatives of the last forty years relevant, as it is a complete change of mindset and personal identification that is required to stand a chance of surviving the shifting commercial environment and the AI revolution. 


The days of getting some guidance and tips to help a person navigate their career or life, are simply not enough. We are in the beginnings of social re evolution which means a total mental upgrade is what is necessary to even stay remotely competitive in the challenges we face. Put simply, humans think too slowly, verbalise too slowly procrastinate too much, are governed by needs based thinking and emotion, and consequently self serve and self defeat every step of the way. And this applies to coaches, consultants and therapists more than anyone. 


As a society we have become an idiocracy where virtually all people suffer a form of brain damage that has slowed their mental capacities down to perhaps under two percent of what is available. This is a hard pill to swallow, as brain damage does not allow the individual to be aware of the slow decline in their cognitive function, especially if everyone they know is in the same boat. There is a simple test that one can apply to calibrate your own level of brain damage that has occurred through the toxic stress modern life exposed you to. Read this paragraph:


Research since the nineties tells us that 98% of children at the age of 5 years have a genius level of innovative and creative capacity. By the age of 31 this is down to 2% with further decline to come. We know that the neuroplasticity of the brain changes based on function, intention and environment; the brain adapts to survive and can increase its processing speed if the operator has the conscious intention to do so. This intention capability is called PQ (potential quota).


So here we have a simple question, do you believe you can regain your early genius, or don’t you? If the answer is ‘yes’ then every action past this point over and above everything you do will naturally focus on increasing the band width and frequency of your brain every minute of your day and in your dreams too. If the brain damage is recoverable you will immediately take the necessary action — as your life depends on it, to find out how to upgrade your mind. If there is too much damage you will simply forget this paragraph and do nothing after reading it. It really is that simple, and it really is a very serious social and personal issue that trumps all others. Global warming, pandemics, wars ... everything is eclipsed as we are facing a consciousness extinction event. 


Just to remind you, when it comes to the brain, the drunken man doesn’t know how cognitively impaired he is. It’s the same with brain damage for you. You are in you so you won’t be able to tell. Yet put you alongside a person whose brain is functioning, at higher states of conscious awareness, and the difference will be extreme. You will display symptoms of doubt, delay, denial and distraction, the structure of your language patterns will be defensive or aggressive, and you will be unconsciously self programming. Your thinking will not be self aware, strategic, creative or open, you will be governed by a jail of the mind called a ‘personal perspective reality’ that you project onto the world unconsciously to reinforce what we call an ‘island of certainty in the sea of eternity’. Your identity avatar will be in the ascendency and you will not have a personal philosophical belief system as a foundation for your thought and life. To be blunt, there will be little to separate you from our animal friends in terms of your ability to exercise choice that makes sense beyond an inauthentic social identity you think is real, and you will defend with every word and action to support your limitations. In truth, you are like the dinosaurs before extinction, you just can’t see it as you are locked in a mind that protects you from truth, yet also secures you from your true potential. This is why the world is diverging into those who think, and those who think they think. It is literally a time of harvest, a sifting of the wheat from the chaff, unconscious from conscious, and it’s going to be a very painful time for many many people especially those in the people helping industry who simply won’t have the mental dexterity to help others in need of mental upgrades. 


As AI evolves, those in the mental unconscious states of process or goal subservience, will simply become redundant in every way, and think everyone is in the same boat with them. But that’s just not true. There are those in humanity who think, those who are actively upgrading their minds to greater levels of consciousness and awareness to access super states of creativity and flow, in order to become the creative partners with AI. It’s the inevitable future of humanity, and you are either going extinct mentally because your brain is too damaged to recognise it’s own potential, or you are part of the future, and it really is an amazing future for these individuals. 


The Council For Human Development is an international professional association representing its members who wish to develop human consciousness to a recognised and quantifiable level for the future of humanity. We recognise high potential quota in people and actively cultivate it. Our Human Blockchain provides a unique global registration of those coaches and consultants who have high growth PQ and a secondary directory of those who are low frequency old world minds. 

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