Why the view of you will make the difference for us all

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Whatever we think, it’s simply not enough for the future, but we can always try to be more. However, the future means ‘trying’ is simply not enough either — it requires us to make certainty of our ability to face uncertainty without limitation.

AI & machine learning means human replacement in our current paradigm of living and working, it is an inevitability; the full tilt technological revolution is here, and the pace is not going to stop... but accelerate away. We are as a world heading into uncharted waters, long before the rise of singularity — which will inevitably change our society beyond any of our comprehensions.

That said, change is already upon us and the pace is hard for people to keep up considering the changes in work and politics the pandemic has begun. Mass redundancies on an unprecedented scale, economic and legal changes that put the people very much in the backseat as we enter a period of global revolution where each and every one of us has a responsibility to regain our abandoned potential and take the lead in a new world as visionary partners with AI.


For many... denial is the path, for others it’s just watch from the stands and wait for the seeping signs of human relegation to emerge in our lives as our technological creations surge ahead. But for the visionaries in the world, there is a new dawn approaching, one that will potentially see us all on the far side of the universe within a very, very short space of time.

Thus, these are exciting times for some, but very fearful times for the many who are ill prepared mentally and physically to re–identify who they are, what their potential is and where we are going as a race. The few are the pathfinders and the visionaries of the future, and the human race will be defined by their actions today, as tomorrow rapidly approaches.

To approach the uncertainty — each and every day of our future lives will bring, we need to learn to think in a completely new way. Valentino Rossi, the world champion Moto GP motorbike racer typifies this shift. After 46 races without a win at a late stage in his career, he had to completely retrain his mind to ride a bike in a totally new modern style to win again in a new world. (Interesting numerology trivia: Valentino’s bike is number 46, he stopped winning after riding 46 races for Yamaha, his new win came after not winning for 46 races, his career km total after his win at the Dutch race was 4,646. Coincidence?? Your instinctive reaction to this will determine how open your mind is to growth, or how governed by scepticism and convergent restrictive thinking you are.)


Valentino’s shift in mindset, was an amazing feat in mental ingenuity, especially given that it was done in life and death situations at speeds of up to 220mph. This shift is what we have to do in all our lives, and whilst we are not having to make our choices at life and death speeds, we have to do it very, very quickly, for if we don’t, the window of opportunity to stay ahead as a human race, will be lost. Serious times, means making serious changes, and these times are relentlessly heading to be the most challenging in human history.

The concept of upgrading our brains and thus our thinking is coming from a survival need to do so, using mechanisms that are both new and old to create minds that think quicker, communicate more effectively, work in co-creative ways, create rapid solutions as well as strategically analyse outcomes from multiple complex issues and diverse problems manifesting within the same moment. This is a polymathic principle.

The processes are there to rapidly upgrade any brain regardless of IQ, age or education, through a combination of advanced psychological techniques and technologies such as Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. Yet, there is one aspect of the human condition that stops a person taking what are to a five-year-old, the obvious and logical steps to upgrade themselves for a better and more powerful life experience and future, even for survival reasons.

It’s called the ‘shell identity’, a natural early psychologically protective state for the emerging growing identity, that evolves into a background safety autopilot for times when the individual is faced with uncertainty. Unfortunately, the social constraints and conditioning applied within an extremely negatively polarised society, cause this shell to remain in the ascendency at the cost of massively suppressed individual and societal potential.

One could argue creativity comes from ‘right brain’ divergent thinking, and process comes from ‘left brain’ convergent thinking, each representing an opposite mental polarity. Both cause limitations of thinking, in either too many ideas to handle for divergent, or the bias to only handle one at a time in convergent. Hemispheric synchronisation however, comes from the ability to balance both and use intention to strategically solve complex problems through a channelling state of creative thought very rapidly. This is a higher state of conscious many refer to as ‘in flow’, but few have unleashed its true power.


The keys to the upgrade process of the mind into super states of flow thinking as a new default setting for living every day, begin with a linguistic information overload to reset the mind through exploring concepts of ‘mind mapping’, combined with learning the ‘basic programming language’ of the super computer of the unconscious mind, that typically responds to 600 primary programming phrases a day out of 15-16,000 words; thus, creating the perspective reality the person experiences.

Mastery of thought and linguistic editing, leads to a re calibration of thinking within a greater understanding of the six dynamics of life, followed by expansion challenges through exposure to polymathic principles (using increased awareness of multiple subjects such as psychology, philosophy, theology, sociology, metaphysics, quantum physics & consciousness to solve a problem). Once the mind is open beyond the individual’s unconsciously and consciously adopted perspective reality (the shell), creative problem solving begins to emerge at which point an arguable PPBS— ‘personal philosophical belief system’ — can be created for the future, through working through a series of moral challenges in one to one and collective settings to change the neuroplasticity of the brain. Thus the upgrade process is a holistic one that addresses all aspects of how the individual self identifies from the unconscious into the conscious.

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This is the starting point for growth, a point of personal and social actualisation; the move to personal freedom and awareness, away from the inauthentic social identity of existentialism that causes mental pain and physical suffering. In terms of ascension and the path to enlightenment, these are the initial break-out steps from what is called the ‘island of certainty in the sea of eternity’, a secure place that the identity forms within the mind to navigate the limitless nature of existence within a state of personal limitation. It’s a living prison of the mind, that creates a safety zone so the individual can function without asking any of the more important questions of life, and thus live unconsciously through deficit needs based drivers. To break-out, the individual must first accept that they can be more, which is hard for those who are governed by the shell identity, but once this is done a series of steps fall into place to free the mind of all limitation.

• Awareness of what it is to be more

• Assessing where one is relative to others in society

• Adapting one’s life to the new information

• Aspiring to be more and explore

• Accelerating the mind creatively

• Actualising the capability of manifestation

• Ascending into states of flow using our Imagineering and emotioneering skills

Ascension means the ability to leverage our life’s experiential learning bank and connect to the universal consciousness so we can elevate the resonate frequency of the entire human race. Our future must be a conscious one for all, within an interdependent world that no longer celebrates celebrity for its own sake, or reveres wealth without reason or wisdom, but recognises equal opportunity, equality and social innovation.

The Council For Human Development (CHD)

CHD is a futuristic meritocracy based on the principles of a not for profit, developing systems to facilitate human mental growth through training trainers in mental agility and in-state strategic flow thinking. Using technology and advanced systems of mental development, CHD leads the world as experts in the fields of mental and social development within the context of our future role with AI, looking to advise business leaders and governments in how the development of new skills and thinking is fundamental necessity for our survival as a race. As a scalable platform offering sustainable work to those being made redundant, as well as up-skilling the workforce in creative, critical, empathetic and agile thinking on a global basis, CHD provides a unique combination of psychology and technology to solve the challenges we face, utilising blockchain and a crypto currency to facilitate small and institutional investment into each and every human being’s potential. This is the future, a place where the development of people’s minds, will be the new currency of exchange, and our ability to expand our minds into higher states of consciousness will be our first priority, replacing all previous paradigms of work.

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