The new billion-dollar opportunity rising in the social entrepreneur market addressing mass redundancies

Heads up: Social investors, searchers for legacy and visionary philanthropists; this could be your game.

In a time when nothing remains stable and thousands lose their job, a shift on multiple levels requires a new approach to the job market that goes beyond standard CV training and calls for a holistic form of retraining.

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With increasing volumes of people being made redundant through rising levels of process automation and digitalisation, new use-cases for artificial intelligence and the corona situation are accelerating the need for retraining of jobless people and the necessity for rethinking within corporations to make use of the neglected synergy potential within their departments.


Still a young organisation active in this rising market, the Council for Human Development (CHD) looks at the big picture and wants to seize opportunity within the social changes currently going on in the labour and retraining market. Being at the early adopter stage of their development with a core of training partners, training new partners, the Council has turned over £300K in training fees as a non-profit start up MVP and are now moving to the corporate sector to resolve mass redundancy that will continue to grow due to automation. All fees go back to the trainers. This is investment in human potential at its purest!


Kern Frost, co-founder of the organisation, says “at this point we are still a young organisation in terms of developing supporting technology and the crypto (Consciousness Coin), for which we are seeking four million as a seed round. The potential market share in the new retraining industry for innovation and creativity, that is part of the social re-evolution for the next ten years, is for us into the billions, as we are very advanced in our training systems and architecture; ahead of other organisations due to our unique ability to in the long-run provide sustainable work for unlimited numbers as a scalable meritocracy, having minimal overheads.”


He elaborates „everyone joining the CHD movement at the moment, receives the equivalent of their training investment back in the pre-allocation of Consciousness Coin, which is where the big margins can be made for a large investor. Once the tech is in place we will open the Human Blockchain program as an alternative investment platform to both small investors and institutional entities; using crypto as the currency of consciousness investment with the goal to address and solve global inequality, corruption, ignorance, corporate suppression, and poverty through initially co-creative and collaborative works as a first step, and then into a visionary partnership with AI to develop a conscious world of abundance for all.”

This sounds big but the current market development supports the work and ambition of CHD:

Airport Zürich is cutting down hundreds of positions, Gate Gourmet, a supplier has announced to cut up to a third of all jobs in Zürich and Geneva, whereas Swissport and SR Technics are also affected [1]. German airline Lufthansa has cut down 29,000 jobs already and 10,000 more are to follow, Condor up to 1,000[2]. But not only the airline industry is laying off people, DER tourism closes down 40 stores and cutting nearly 20% of all full-time positions; Great Britain sees a new high in unemployment rate now at 5.1%; car supplier Continental cuts 30,000 jobs worldwide[3] and here are some more: the brewery Heineken plans to cut 8,000 jobs[4]; 3M 2,900; Jaguar Land Rover 2,000; Coca Cola 2,000; Hilton 2,100; Commerzbank 11,000[5] and these are just some examples of the ongoing mass redundancies we are currently facing.

All industries are affected and it comes down to many thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, coming out of work and not ready for what is expecting them.

Already back in 2013, Oxford University published a study[6] estimating 47% of total jobs at risk due to increasing computerization within the next 10-13 years which would be up until 2023-26 approximately. Now, March 2021, we are in the middle of this and undergoing an accelerated development due to the global corona situation.


We are currently experiencing a massive shift in the labour market with an increasing number of corporations having to let go thousands of long-time employees who are released into a foggy bubble of uncertainty and who have been used to specific processes unique to their lost positions that will no longer exist on the job market. This crisis is not only in the job market, but psychological thereby affecting people on a new holistic level that may question their entire previous identity. This new situation disrupts old ways and requires new skills that will include retraining from a different angle to prepare people for this transformation in the job market.


“It takes a shift in the mind to activate their true potential and accessing their personal gold”, as Kern Frost puts it. When we ask him what he means by that, he points out the enormous amounts of experience stored in people, that can be turned from pure specific knowledge into greater wisdom, which would then be applicable to a much wider field than the one they used it for in their former jobs, positions and titles. “When considering opportunity in terms of personal or financial investment, it’s about as good as it gets for an expanding market, and we are always looking for visionary minds who can see this window to lead the way as global influencers into the future”, Kern Frost underlines.


Retraining the mind to position oneself for the new challenges on the horizon seems a sensible move in the light of current events and market development one may want to consider to stay up to the game and benefit from this opportunity as it still is in the early adoption phase, of which one knows, that this is where the greatest returns lie.

For more information please visit our website or download the free pdf [Addressing Human Resource Issues for 2021, copyright CHD 2021].


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