Say Goodbye to the Knowledge Economy. Welcome the Economy of Creativity.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a world changing event. Easy words to say and easy currency for writers like me but set-in context next to other seismic events it starts to make sense. "May you live in interesting times" is a curse not the hope of a friend, and you and I my friend, we live in interesting times.

The impacts of the pandemic will be felt across all industries. In the new world how will they find harmony within the context of their stakeholder, ethical, people and societal obligations.

The automotive industry was already experiencing wrenching change. The arrival of new plays and the failure of old players to adapt to new technology and social pressures to put the environment first have left many flailing and unsure of how to define themselve


These companies face constant (and appropriate) pressure to up their game if they are to enter the post-COVID error with confidence. From where will they find that confidence to adapt? From their greatest asset; their people.


The automotive industry has concentrated itself on 3 activities; design, marketing and finance. These core activities relay on a discrete set of inputs; namely human creativity and ingenuity. They recruit the best minds to get the best outcomes; but what about everyone else? What would an enterprise like Tesla or BMW look like if the innovations and creative fire was found not only in the design studio, but EVERYWHERE.


Can you imagine the outcomes? The creative ways of solving problem that would be found? The productivity (and profitability) that would result?


We all know the power that the creative mind exist within all of us. But we only see glimpses in the normal course of things. We look to great minds like Musk and Jobs. A mind, set free, has the ability to turn an entire structure around and fire outside of the normal.

Change is the only constant in life Heraclitus

To prosper in a world which is changing fast and furious we must have an ability to adapt our mind and see the opportunities where others do not. We still rely on right-brain thinking. We rely on the knowledge workers. But knowledge jobs go where knowledge is cheapest, which will leave the first world out in the cold.


AI and globalisation will cut great swathes through a workforce who previously thought they were secure.


  • Middle management? Meet Remote working and flat team structures.
  • Accountants? Meet Robot Process Automation.
  • Solicitors? Meet Smart Contracts and the Blockchain.


A good People or HR team adds value to the bottom line by getting an organisation ready for change. Change is coming and it will result in a decade of shedding headcount.


At the Council for Human Development we are ready to help you face your 2 core challenges:


  • How do you reduce headcount in a way that fulfills your ethical and legal responsibilities to your workforce?
  • How do equip those who are left with the creative problem-solving skills to face the challenges of the new world?


We are a Not-for-Profit based in Zurich. We help companies by training outplaced staff to give them belief, a new direction and sustainable employment. We run workshops and training sessions to give retained staff a new set of skills around empathy, creativity and agile thinking.


To find our more go to, write to to arrange a free consultation or download the free pdf [Addressing Human Resource Issues for 2021, copyright CHD 2021].

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