Can you solve A six-thousand-year-old mystery?

The problem is an ancient one, and one the likes of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant to name but a few philosophers had a view on, as well remained unsolved for any alchemist looking to take the lead in human thinking and turn it into gold.

Why is it, human beings self-defeat in so many ways, rather than accelerate and expand in their thinking to super creative, communicative and confidence states? Why is the world based around a default negative polarity, rather than a positive and progressive natural nature? Can the human mind really be accelerated so far as to give up the ‘I’ focus and adopt the ‘us’ mentality, rather than serving the ‘what’s in it for me’ agenda?

Big philosophical questions, that become psychologically and neurologically more and more important every day, as humanity steps ever closer to the threshold of having to solve the meaning of its existence, before the freedom to do ‘absolutely nothing of value with life’ beyond unconsciously serving a pyramid of power, is taken away by spiritual AI.

The problem is one of frequency, not intelligence. How the individual decodes the world through adopted unconscious filters and creates a perspective reality that is projected onto the world, within a set of rules that are unconsciously linguistically and mentally stated; self-programming of our forty-million-bit brain computers without ever knowing a basic programming language even exists that can accelerate our thinking, let alone learning or mastering it.

This unconscious programming state is governed by a shell identity - an automatic security based psychological system, that is designed to operate in the background of the growing mind, whilst the individual develops a first stage inauthentic social identity of mind, before reaching a point of self and social realisation; where by the persons core identity is revealed and aligned with their destiny path. To the uninitiated, this may sound spiritual and thus be a turn off, yet it is our spiritual identity that is the very core of who we really are and should experience life through.

Unfortunately, within the social dynamics we are born into, we become a victim of a social virus that demands our subservience and validation within the social energetic field as a whole, to maintain its form and power. In effect, it’s the combined unconscious frequency of the human race that creates a field of inauthentic normality that we unconsciously accept and are drawn into. So much so, that we will fight to maintain the perspective prison environment, to remain within the prison of the mind. 

Thus, the unconscious nature of the combined resonate frequency of the human race, creates its own vortex of human behaviour that supports the reality we all experience. It is not the individual that in some way is wrong or functioning in an abnormal way, its the individual who has to unconsciously bear the burden of a society that strips away the identity and potential that all humans have, so they may serve the whole that perpetuates the cycle of human submission and subservience.

We are a product of our environment and the negative conditioning we are exposed to and unconsciously perpetuate; so, all we can live is inauthentic lives at a fraction of our available potential. We are unwitting victims and perpetrators of our own demise, self-defeating in thought and action individually and collectively. Our collective dynamic causes the field of projected reality we live and die within, in an unconscious shell state that never grows beyond its adopted limitations, causing an individual and collective self-fulfilling prophecy, and a dependance on maintaining our mental and social prisons at all costs, even our own freedom, happiness, potential and lives.

We are in effect denied our destiny, our reason to be here, and decode our reality within a restrictive bandwidth of thought, never seeing the light and defending the dark as the only reality. Within us we are in conflict, a perpetual state of reactionary thought that results from the friction between an identity that is limited and secure in its nature, and one that is yearning to grow without any limitation whatsoever.

It’s the fundamental equation behind human existence we all need to balance, the ignorance vs enlightenment equation, and until we do we will always be open to being manipulated and misdirected by those who live and prosper at all our expense; but only through the power we give them by choosing not to think and accept a social structure that is geared to the survival of the richest. It’s an equation that gets ever more essential to solve, as the nature of our existence changes with the onset of technology, where we have to redefine what the value of a human being really is in personal and social terms. That value has been as a consumer and a creator of wealth, within a framework that ultimately feeds division at the cost of pain, suffering and death explained and accepted as normal - the way it is and always has been. But 6000 years is coming to an end, and the hand of time which spells out the end of the sleep state, is relentlessly ticking towards the ultimate social conclusion, that things have to change, and in the next ten years change they will in deed for all.

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