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The world of personal development has seen many actors on various stages over the past decades and increasingly in the past years. More and more people reckon there must be more to them than what they were raised to be or what the educational system succeeded or failed in telling them.

With increasing speed of external change former roles and identities become more and more obsolete and agility in both thinking, acting and transforming becomes essential to keeping up with today’s challenges and way of life.

Those who are seeking for the more, will have to go inside and dig up their unique gold. This is what most personal development programs have on their agenda, yet what they lack is a coherent connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. “We have found to see a focus on either of these”, Michael, a partner on the Council and successful entrepreneur says. “I spend years and tons of money on personal development and a variety of programs always feeling a little disconnected within the respective content. We are not only mind, we are also body and spirit and those three entities have to come together, be aligned and work in one flow to tap our true potential. Within the Council, we focus on the three together and we provide you with a “manual” to your own mind based on scientific evidence. This is unique in the world of personal development and actually accelerates your mind quite over what you would expect.” Michael states.

So, what is it that the Council for Human Development does differently, so it attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds who have already invested in the leading consciousness programs on that particular market?

Kern, founding partner and early venturer into the depths of consciousness gives an insight to that question: “Scientific research from psychotherapy and neuro-science form the basis of understanding how the supercomputer of your mind works and which tools and techniques are necessary to reprogram it, so it works in your favour and not the limited capacity of your shadow-self. There is no guru in the world that will be able to tell you what you can be if you do not believe and figure it out for yourself. But you cannot do it alone, it needs a guide and a community supporting you in that journey which starts with introspection” he elaborates. 

In order to work our brain in hemispheric synchronicity - that is using the left and the right brain together and not as isolated halves – the subconscious resistance needs to be let down. One can imagine it like a gate keeper on each side protecting its territory out of fear of the unknown and to give up the position of control. A brain working in unity and synchronicity to its full capacity does not need guards or limits protecting a form of created identity as it recreates itself all new all the time. What was cannot be relevant for the now as that would be like trying to find proper fuel for a 100year old car instead of reinventing the vehicle itself all over again and again.

It sounds daring to suggest giving up identity and control since we grew up in a world full of it. But how can we fully live in the present when we cling to the past with our cells, identity and thoughts? Innovation cannot come from old ways, already Albert Einstein knew.

And why would you seek for innovation outside, when the key to its constant flow lies in you and your own supercomputer of the mind?

Why would you want to stop accelerating when all it takes is full surrender to believing that you can be MORE? Why?

Questions are key to both introspection and guidance – the why behind the why behind the why behind the why is just one of them.

The Council for Human Development has seized the opportunity necessary to unite the splintered world of personal development and consciousness by aligning its components into one holistic approach that actually works for everyone as it addresses the root of the issue based upon scientifically proven methods and research in the field.

“Every training is unique and individually structured, tailored to the trainee and what he or she needs at that particular moment to move from A to B”, Anna, another trainer and board member of the Swiss association behind the Council states. “It is not relevant from which context someone comes or what kind of knowledge they have or have not, all that matters is the openness and desire to be more, to accelerate and to actually start grasping your natural potential. We don’t tell you what to be or not to be, you are already everything by birth, but you forgot how to access that potential, it got buried under all kinds of layers of conditioning and patterns. It is key to realise them, detect the underlying pattern and create new more progressive ones.”, Anna points out.

But this is not it. The Council for Human Development offers an entire structure of creating sustainable work and providing access to potential to those who couldn’t access it so far due to the boundaries of a culture, family, society or system they were born it. It is time to lift those boundaries, as consciousness is an omnipresent asset hold by each soul on this planet and the planet itself.

“We have an entire system including a token, the consciousness coin, that allows for international investment in consciousness and therewith in human potential, circumventing corruption, bureaucracy and geographical distance”, Kern points out. “Never in this time it has been more necessary to co-create together. Whoever feels that urgency and drive, we are looking forward to seeing them on one of our events, workshops and trainings.”

The times we are living in are definitely challenging and The Council for Human Development provides a route to close collaboration and personal development on a holistic level for those who seek for more and for greater depth to what they can be and to what that could mean for the world outside. It may just be the one unexpected opportunity in the field of consciousness that we didn’t quite expect to be there.

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