Council for Human Development wins international award

In August 2020 the Swiss NGO Council for Human Development was awarded “Best Global Poverty & Inequality Initiative 2020” by Greater London Enterprise Awards and SME News.

 This award honours the outstanding commitment and dedication of the Council for Human Development to creating a sustainable and independent solution to solve global poverty and inequality issues on a large scale thereby making a greater and valuable impact in this world. 

“It has been a personal quest to find a way out of global inequality and increasing redundancy challenges due to the rise of artificial intelligence”, Kern Frost, founding partner of the Council says. “Until now, the time was just not right, but now it is. We are seeing massive lay-offs through all kinds of industries and predictions by the big consultancy firms such as KPMG and Oxford University forecast around 40% of people coming out of work within the next 10 years. Corona has accelerated this development, and companies are faced with living up to their social responsibility when letting that many people go after decades of loyal service to their cause. These people will not get the same jobs they used to have, most of them will be replaced by machines, which makes it essential to go far beyond the commonly undertaken retraining measures usually suggested or supported by companies”, Kern Frost emphasises.

The Council for Human Development supports companies with retraining solutions for laid-off staff members that not only help them to explore their unique human potential but also and more importantly expand their skills in true creativity and mental agility, training them in increased accelerated thinking and mutually enabling them to make a new and sustainable living through becoming a trainer in this field and providing the received training to others. The training covers a wide field of neuro-linguistic techniques, psychological tools and scientifically proven methods reaching from therapy, neuroscience and quantum physics among others. 

“Our training method allows for everyone in this world to receive training in consciousness and accelerated thinking as we are all equal in potential when we come to this world and hence we can all invest in our or somebody else’s potential, no matter where they are or where they come from, as they then can take that and train someone else thereby gaining a return on their investment, which then enables them to make a fundamental change to their lives, impossible before”, Kern Frost states. “There is no resource more sustainable, more agile and constantly growing in value and wisdom than a human being. But this is not what we were taught and yet it is the road to travel for the future in order to keep up with quickly accelerating rise of artificial intelligence and a rapidly changing world. We are all equal in being human, and hence we are equal in our potential once we decide to dig for our personal innate gold. As a non-profit, our entrepreneurial model gives all income back to the trainers and doesn’t keep profits. It is from the people for the people and this is what the future has to be like” Kern underlines.

This sounds like a promising future and it is new ventures as such that bring the switch in thinking and acting needed in this world today.

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